Management and Lettings

managementOur Management and Letting service is designed to free Landlords / Investors of the time and inconvenience involved in the management of their properties, safe in the knowledge that they are being managed to the highest professional standard.
We oversee the Management of our clients property / portfolio right from the beginning, from securing high quality Tenants to completing the final inspection. We tailor our service to our clients needs with a pro-active approach.



Acquisitions and Auctioneering

aquisitionsFitzpatrick Property Consultants provide a specialist Acquisitions and Auctioneering service.
We guide our clients through the process of purchasing or selling a property so as to obtain the best possible result, whether the aim is to efficiently purchase a property or to maximise the value of a property that is being sold.




Project Management

projectManagementOur Project Management service is designed to manage routine and one off projects.
We recognise that each project is unique, so we adapt our approach to the specific challenges to be addressed.
We work with our clients to plan, organise and manage a given project so that it is executed effectively and efficiently.